How Do I Merge Facebook Pages

How Do I Merge Facebook Pages: After rebranding as well as combining two Facebook Pages, others asked me just how I did it. Facebook changes frequently, however I did this a while back, and these are the actions I took. I hope you discover it handy.

How Do I Merge Facebook Pages.

A couple of years ago I started believing lasting concerning my on the internet objectives. After blogging, composing an e-book (referral link), meddling other jobs and dreaming regarding originalities, I determined to rebrand.

I wished to develop one Facebook Page where I could do every little thing rather of different Pages for each task.

I understood among the largest obstacles of a rebrand would be changing my Facebook Page from "Blogging with Amy" to Amy Lynn Andrews. I'll simply claim, Facebook doesn't make this kind of point extremely simple.

Needs to combine Facebook Pages.

This situation is not mine alone. Numerous others have wanted to merge their Facebook Pages. Right here are several of the reasons an online publisher may wish to do it. They:.

* Landed a publication offer as well as required a writer web page, and also really did not want it to be hidden in their primary blog.

* Began various other projects that didn't have anything to do with their major blog or website.

* Seemed like their primary blog site had run its training course, or they had actually wearied.

* Ended up being curious about brand-new and various subjects they wanted to explore.

* Tackled really professional roles and also their domain didn't represent the expertise they wanted.

* Realized their website name really did not precisely describe the types of visitors they were attracting or intended to draw in.

* Were rueful they really did not place much more believed into their name when they started.

The quickest means to merged Facebook Pages.

These alternatives fast as well as worth a try to start. However, these alternatives aren't always simple as I'll discuss in a min.

Fast Option 1: Follow Facebook's directions on their help web page right here.

Quick Alternative 2: Know somebody in Facebook who could press your request via.

Rapid Choice 3: Andrea mentioned she lately rebranded as well as was able to get her Facebook Page name transformed by giving lawful documents.

How I combined my Facebook Pages.

At the time I was combining my Pages, none of the above alternatives helped me. So, I had to do it the sluggish way, significance, I had to browse my means with a bunch of inquiries which I have actually spelled out listed below.

I wish my procedure will certainly help you establish what your alternatives are.

Points you must find out about combining Pages on Facebook.

First, let's discuss some things that are excellent to recognize. Where appropriate, I have actually consisted of the way these factors influenced my own procedure.

1. Your Web page name is different compared to your Web page username as well as could only be transformed when. The username is what obtains included in the URL. For instance, in my Web page's LINK (, the "AmyLynnAndrews" is my username. You might only alter your username as soon as as well as you may only transform it if the username you desire is available (obviously). Below's exactly how to transform your Facebook Page username.

In my situation, I had actually already asserted the username AmyLynnAndrews despite the fact that I had not been really utilizing it. The upshot was, I could not simply enter into my BloggingWithAmy account as well as try to switch to AmyLynnAndrews. Obviously it was me that currently owned it, yet undergoing the steps to change my username simply caused "that name is already taken." That's the means it goes I think. By the way, usernames are not transferrable.

2. It's unclear whether or not you could delete a Web page and after that recover the username on one more Page. Do this at your very own danger!

I believed this could be my solution. I could remove my ALA Page, consequently launching the username and also making it offered, right? Then I would utilize my single username change option on my BWA Page and also select the (now totally free) ALA username. It seemed like a plan, but after that I got nervous about letting it go. Exactly what would take place if I could not reclaim it for some factor? I figured it was not likely that the username would be offered promptly. And afterwards I reviewed something suggesting Facebook does not launch previously made use of usernames (although I can not find the link currently-- argh). In the long run, I really did not want to risk it.

Update: Janel discussed she did this and it took 1 Month for the name to be released. (Many Thanks, Janel!).

3. You could not have the ability to change your Page name conveniently once if you have a certain number of Sorts. At once, just Pages with less than 200 Likes had the ability to change their Page name. It's unclear if this is still the instance. This is how you can change your Facebook Web page name.

At the time, I had over 200 Suches as on my BWA Web page so this wasn't an alternative for me. Besides, transforming the Web page name still wouldn't alter my Web page's LINK from to as well as I really wanted the latter.

4. When you combine two Pages, the smaller one will certainly be soaked up right into the bigger one. You cannot do it the other method around.

Update 1/29/2014: It looks like this could have transformed, however it's not specifically defined. I recommend offering it a shot.

For me, I had nearly 6000 Suches as on BWA as well as practically none on ALA so this was out.

5. You will lose all information, pictures, updates, etc. on the Page that vanishes. Make sure you download all the info you wish to keep.

6. You could just combine two Pages that "represent the exact same thing as well as have similar names." So, if you have 2 Pages sharing vastly various info, it's uncertain you'll have the ability to combine them.

This was one threat for me. I wasn't sure just what was implied by "represent the same thing" and also I didn't understand how similar the Web page names needed to remain in order to be qualified for combining. I was really hoping the "Amy" was excellent enough.

7. Sidenote: If you have a personal Account, you can transform it into a Web page. This might be an option for some. Right here's how you can transform your individual account to a Page.

In my situation, it was a hard call.

Ultimately, due to the fact that none of the options over helped me, I determined to begin developing my ALA Web page from scrape.

I need to inform you, it was DIFFICULT going from virtually 6000 Suches as on my BWA Page to practically absolutely no on my ALA Page. But, I figured, far better to do it earlier than later on. A great deal of this on the internet posting stuff is just about persistence anyhow.

So, I rather much begun again. I began building my brand-new Page similar to I did the various other. Slow and consistent is how it's done, that's all I can tell you.

Right here are a few of the sensible things I did to hasten the procedure, a lot of which are just great, antique "ways to build your Facebook Web page" suggestions:.

1. I tried to upload useful info. I was acutely aware of my Facebook Insights (Facebook statistics) and exactly what visitors were reacting to.

2. I did my ideal to connect in the remarks.

3. I installed an "I have actually relocated" cover image on my BWA Web page.

4. I began sharing the articles I was placing on my ALA Web Page on my BWA Page. I did this after bearing in mind the bit concerning the Pages had to have the exact same information (see # 6 above),.

5. I asked BWA fans to relocate. Occasionally I would discuss on my Blogging with Amy Web page that I moved and also I asked people to follow me there instead.

6. Then I started telling them how to move. I uploaded specific instructions regarding exactly how they might relocate with me in condition updates like this:.

Wondering where my updates are? My Web page has actually transferred to Amy Lynn Andrews. <-- Hover and click Prefer to follow me there!

Lots of did. Slowly the numbers started to grow.

Lastly, after several months, my Likes on Amy Lynn Andrews surpassed my Sorts on Blogging with Amy.

7. I requested my Pages to be merged. At this factor, I filled up out the Demand to Merge Pages develop again. I was a little cynical because the options discussed on their DIY combine Pages guidelines just weren't showing up for me therefore I questioned if that was an indication I wasn't qualified.

Yet much to my shock, a few days after submitting the form, bam! BWA was gone and I suddenly had a couple extra thousand Suches as on my Amy Lynn Andrews Page given that the one-of-a-kind Likes on BWA were absorbed into ALA. Yay!

All the best!