How to Tell who Views Your Facebook Profile the Most

How To Tell Who Views Your Facebook Profile The Most: Facebook is one of the most prominent social media that has million users all over the world. Some individuals who use Facebook are constantly interested as well as need to know that watched their Facebook Profile daily frequently but just how they can understand. Today, will certainly reveal you very easy means to track your Facebook in order to understand who watch your Facebook Profile often.

Note: This method could work only in Google Chrome Browser.

How To Tell Who Views Your Facebook Profile The Most.

1. First you have to add Facebook Flat Extension to your Chrome Web Browser by Click on Web link below.

2. Click on Include In Chrome Button to add the Extension to your Chrome Browser.

3. After that confirm your activity by Click on Include Expansion Switch on the turn up display.

4. After include this Extension, Browse through to your Facebook Account or reload your Chrome Web browser if you already Went to. You will certainly see something different in your Facebook Account Interface.

5. Then Click Profile Visitors to see Who view your Facebook Account Commonly (Sight Photos, Conversation & Remark).

6. If you intend to return to you Typical Facebook Account User Interface, Click on Enable/Disable Facebook Flat on the Upper Left Conner of the screen to Disable the Facebook Flat.

Currently you can see who watch your Facebook Account frequently with the Extension on Chrome Web Browser and this Facebook Apartment Expansion is not just allow you to understand your Facebook friends who see your Account however likewise individuals that is not your close friends on Facebook also. You could Enable as well as Disable the Expansion any time you desire.