How to Search Old Facebook Posts

How To Search Old Facebook Posts: The Facebook profile interface presents recent task including standing updates, likes, location check-ins, image and video clip uploads in a straightforward stream that is lacking in search or filtering performance. If you want to discover old Facebook blog posts quickly, the common profile view is not the response, as you will certainly should click "Older Posts" continuously. Instead, it is best to either download your Facebook data or make use of third-party tools designed to promptly comb your Facebook profile for the specific post you want to see.

How To Search Old Facebook Posts

Download Facebook

1. Browse to Facebook as well as sign in to your account.

2. Click the drop-down menu on top right and pick "Account Settings"

3. Click "Download a copy of your Facebook data"

4. Click "Start My Archive" to request your data. When the request is met, Facebook will email you with the download link.

5. Click the download web link in the email alert you obtain from Facebook to save the archive to your computer system.

6. Open your "Downloads" folder.

7. Right-click the Facebook zip file as well as pick "Extract" to unzip the archive.

8. Double-click the HTML file to open your Facebook archive in an Internet internet browser.

9. Click "Wall" to check out every Facebook post that has been made on your wall.

10. Press "Ctrl" and "F" to make use of the internet browser search functionality to promptly discover posts you intend to see.


1. Navigate to the Archivedbook website.

2. Click "Read your profile history now" then click "Allow" in the Facebook authorization pop-up window.

3. Click the tabs along the top to view various post kinds consisting of wall surface messages, standing updates, notes, web links, pictures, video clips, check-ins, pages and events.

4. Click "Older Items First" to choose various kind options for your messages.

5. Press "Ctrl" and also "F" to use the internet browser search performance to swiftly find articles you want to see.

Get My Life Back

1. Use the Get My Life Back Facebook application. Browse to and also sign in to your Facebook account.

2. Click "Allow".

3. Get in key phrases to search your Facebook wall for posts matching your question.

4. Click "Export Your data" to save your whole Facebook wall to your computer system.

5. Open your "Downloads" folder.

6. Right-click the Facebook export zip file and also select "Extract" to save the Facebook wall to your computer system.

7. Double-click the HTML file to open your wall in an Internet browser.

8. Press "Ctrl" and "F" to search your Facebook wall surface making use of the web browser search capability.